Peculiarities in concluding an employment contract in the code of labor laws and similar acts of foreign countries

Hanna Poperechna, Khristina Hubiak


The conclusion of fixed-term employment contracts and contracts for an indefinite period was studied. It is highlighted which sources of foreign countries are aimed at regulating issues related to the establishment of labor relations. On the basis of foreign legislation, it is established from what age a person can become a participant in labor relations.

The main conditions that, according to the legislation, form the basis for the creation and functioning of an employment contract are analyzed. The maximum duration of a fixed-term contract in different legal systems is indicated. The peculiarities of concluding an employment contract with such a category of workers as migrant workers are considered. The concept of "commercial secret" and which legal acts of foreign countries regulate this concept are revealed. The content and procedure for concluding the "Non-Competition Pact" have been clarified. It was concluded that when concluding an employment contract, such two factors as citizenship or legal status of the employee play a significant role.

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employment contract, fixed-term contract, permanent contract, employment, employer, employee

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