Conceptual provisions of law and morals in a pandemic condition

Veronika Horielova


The article is devoted to the problem of morality and law in a pandemic, because the COVID-19 pandemic has put doctors around the world in front of a tough issue of priority.  In this regard, the question of the ethical choice of the doctor and what regulations he should be guided by is relevant.

 The purpose of the article is to comprehensively assess the rights of the patient and the doctor in a pandemic, justify and identify the moral guidelines of the doctor in a pandemic.  The patient's rights are analyzed in a broad sense: the legal relations in the field of health care are enshrined in the law, and in a narrow sense, as a subjective, real relationship between the doctor (medical institution) and the patient in need of care.  It is revealed that the actions of a doctor cannot be prescribed as a certain algorithm, and each action and decision of a doctor in a certain extreme situation is only his independent, moral choice.

 It has been studied that Ukraine takes responsibility for a sick person, giving him a number of additional rights, but there are certain restrictions in the law that can cause harm.  It is proposed at the legislative level to develop ethical guidelines for doctors who must act in a pandemic, which will reduce the morale in which the health worker and the patient find themselves.

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morality, doctors, medical ethics, law, pandemic, patient

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