Features of development of the British monarchy in the era of queen Elizabeth I


  • Andriy Hrubinko Західноукраїнський національний університет

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Great Britain, Queen, British monarchy, Elizabeth II, Charles III, Ukraine


The article presents the results of the study of the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the history of state and legal development of Great Britain during her reign from 1953 to 2022.Its state-building achievements, peculiarities of the style of royal rule, relations with society and the results of international activities are analyzed. The prospects of the reign of her successor King Charles III are outlined.The conclusion summarizes the position of Queen Elizabeth II on the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

In conclusion, it is stated that the period of Charles III's reign will be a transitional stage in the history of the British monarchy from the unique and inimitable period of Elizabeth II, who initiated the process of its renewal, to the reign of her grandson William, today the Prince of Wales.It will be not only about the person of the monarch, but also about qualitative changes in the modernization of the institution of the Crown, which are dictated by time. The main principle of transformation Charles III has already outlined - devotion to the key principles of royal rule, among which will certainly remain closeness to the people, increasing openness and social responsibility, the advocate of which for decades has been the king himself as a well-known philanthropist and patron. The evolution of the British political system may provide new opportunities for the monarchy.Considering the modernization of the country's electoral law, which is heading towards replacing the traditional but outdated majoritarian system with a proportional one and diversifying the party-political spectrum, the monarch may well play the role of an independent mediator in inter-party negotiations on the formation of the next parliamentary majority.

It is extremely important for Ukraine in the current conditions of confrontation with Russian imperial aggression that Charles has a clear and active civic and political position.Charles as a highly educated individual, a certified art critic and historian has long been familiar with the basics of Ukrainian culture and state-building tradition.Since the beginning of Russian aggression in 2014, Charles, unlike Queen Elizabeth, has been unequivocally critical of Moscow's actions, and once in a private conversation even compared Putin's policy to Hitler's. In March 2022, Charles openly condemned Russia's invasion of Ukraine and said that it was a war against democracy and freedom, which his late mother never allowed herself to do on principled grounds. After ascending the throne, we expect King Charles III to show more public restraint on the situation in Ukraine. However, his personal human and political positions will remain unchanged, as well as the active support of Ukraine by the people of Great Britain, the development of interstate allied relations, the tone of which was set by Elizabeth II.


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